Our agriturismo (farm with apartments for tourists) is the latest step in our farming family story that goes back centuries. We started out as most of the farmers in central Italy as labourers under a landowner (mezzadria). Half of what was produced went to the owners of the land. As this system was abolished we became owners of the land. Despite all the sacrifices we have had to make we never lost our roots and love for this land.

In 2012 in the hope of providing some extra income we converted a few buildings of our farm into apartments for tourists. Main goal was to provide a unique experience of living on a working farm.

We hope to give our guests an inside in our centuries old history by means of showing our buildings and old farming equipment.

Our guests are free to join in all the activities on the farm. It goes without saying that one is more than wellcome to have a taste of all that we produce on our land.